About Us

Medicare Advantage members want a more tailored and personal relationship with their health plan. More than annual flu shot reminders and generic messaging, members want action plans that relate specifically to their situation.

BasicHealth provides a series of immersive digital programs that provide engaging content for MAPD members – all specifically designed for the member’s given situation. The program is designed to effectively improve  member health and happiness and MA Star Ratings by delivering bite-sized curated content on a regular basis.

Members segment themselves based on the types of content they want to receive specific to their situation. Then they receive content tailored to them, at the frequency they select, in the manner they desire, designed specifically to improve their physical health.

Mental health is often a neglected part of the healthcare regimen as we age. BasicHealth addresses this by providing engaging content and exercises around mindfulness, gratitude, depression, stress and trauma.

The curated content library is continuously growing and includes topics like: simple daily workouts, yoga routines, motivational videos and more. Members can also choose weekly or monthly routines based on their personal goals. Members can also select content based on their chronic conditions. 

All of this can be tied to member incentives to drive participation and follow-through.

Why Choose BasicHealth?

Efficient Results

Our application for improving your members’ physical and mental health is the most efficient use of your intervention resources. 

Physical Health

Daily instruction for improving cardiovascular health, diet, strength, balance, and flexibility.

Mental Health

Daily activities focused on mindfulness, gratitude, and stress reduction.


Our application can directly or indirectly positively impact 16 Star Measures.

% of Measure Weight

Our application can directly or indirectly positively impact 53% of overall Star Rating measure weight.


Someone to Help Guide You

Members often don’t take a proactive approach to healthy practices and screenings because they don’t receive effective messaging regarding their value. BasicHealth creates personas tailored to your population to ensure messaging is delivered in a manner that’s meaningful and impactful for the member.

Our Focus

How We Can Help

BasicHealth strives to be the first application you open every morning. We provide content across a variety of therapeutic areas that are all designed to improve your physical and mental health.

Additionally, all of our content is available in English and Spanish.



Chronic Conditions




Stress Reduction

Gaps in Care

Where can I access BasicHealth?

Platform Ubiquity

Our lives have us on the move now more than ever so BasicHealth provides you access to our content wherever it’s most convenient. 



Mobile applications available for download on Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store


Our content can be accessed wherever you have an internet connection


We've Just Scratched the Surface

In addition to new content creation, we’re busy building out survey and analytics capabilities as well as real-time messaging capabilities to help ensure health plan members stay on top of their medications and screenings. 

Please reach out today and give your members the support they need to make positive changes.

Your healthy foundation. BasicHealth is the ultimate education & engagement platform for Medicare member health & happiness. ​